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Celect has covered many clients over 20 years. From Government Departments to International Marketing to Vegetable Grower Co-operatives.

In each case we have provided both advice and structure that assists their growth.


'We learned more in the past week of planning than we have for several years' Gerda, Director, Department of Agriculture - South Africa.

'We continue to marvel at how close our results are to the business plan' Rod, Director, Natures Avocado Coop.


We offer all of our clients the option of the Celect MAINTENANCE PLAN. A support plan that enables you to have a friendly contact who, will review your plan regularly and provide updates and advice.

Plan costs vary on service required. Basic Maintenance Plans from $1250.00 annually, on yearly basis.

Client Types

At Celect we are happy to provide plans for all sorts of businesses:-

  • Government and Quasi-government Departments
  • Corporate Business or Divisions
  • Small to Medium Enterprises
  • Sole Traders
  • Co-operatives and Associations.

Support Programs

  • Maintenance Plan
  • Mentoring Business and Individuals
  • Professional Development for Owners and Managers
  • How to Develop a Plan Seminars